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I live in Tokyo with my husband♡

Aspiring model, Japanese fluency goals, Music, Fashion & Beauty, Always trying to improve myself ♡


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Some things really get to me. Like when people want me to model for them, and so I do, and then they compliment me and whatnot during the “photoshoot” but then they never ever call me again or answer my messages.

Like, do you want me to hate myself? -_- why did you even ask me in the first place…?


the fact that there are no leaked nudes on my dashboard proves that i’m following the right people

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DSC01711 (by tohru_nishimura)


DSC01711 (by tohru_nishimura)

Keep your chin up~! You're really beautiful and you're doing such a great job being abroad living all new everything! Just try to push the negative thoughts out! Think that you're good enough :) Think that through your tumblr people look up to you and think that YOU are the one who is so perfect in every way, although you dont see it that way. P.s: I hope this doesnt come off too creepy or weird...
- Anonymous

This is such a thoughtful message, thank you :) I’ll try my best to have some confidence! If I don’t soon, I’m going to go crazy T_T

You seem more stressed and insecure than usual... have a joint and relax?
- Anonymous

I’m always insecure and stressed & I don’t smoke anymore

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The Carpenters - This Masquerade

Close To You- Oliva Ong

pretty cover ♥

Carpenters - Close to you

I’m hoooommeeee

It’s so good to not be around people. Tokyo can really get to you when you’re exhausted. Especially when you feel gross, and kind of sick because you only slept 2 hours, and you’re not dressed in anything fancy, and tired from working, then you go home on the train and you pass by hundreds of beautiful beautifulllllll perfect from head to toe Japanese girls and now all of a sudden you are everything you were before but depressed as well T_T it sucks. I swear girls here are so perfect.
Perfect hair, perfect facial features, perfect hair, perfect style, perfect skin, perfect smile, and to top it off they are prob all in their 30s and look younger than me. *sigh*

I want to become that perfect. It’s such a shallow goal but oh my god I know other foreigners who live in tokyo must feel the same way (/ _ ; ) the pressureeeee, the pressure to be beautiful and confident.

anyways that kind of went in a weird direction, but it’s true! Besides the usual self loathing, the first day of teaching was quite awkward as I thought, but everyone is so nice so I appreciate that.

Hopefully it will get easier from here.